What are the benefits of using better quality inverter?

Most of the times the problem occurs in the inverter. It is very essential to have a reliable solar. Manufacturers who have been in the market for a long time (e.g. Fronius) or Growatthave clearly demonstrated their products are reliable and have shown they will be there to support future warranty claims or issues. Most of the inverters come with 5 year warranty and some of them provide an extended warrant of 5 years.

What is panel efficiency and do you need a panel with high efficiency?

Efficiency of the panel is calculated by the amount of sunlight theamount of sunlight the panel is able to convert to energy. When comparing the solar panels, we need to determine which solar system will be useful within the same space. Solar panel with higher efficiency will make most of the space that is available to them.

What are the benefits of using better quality panels?

The main component for determining solar panel quality is based on solar panel efficiency. Panel efficiency helps us to compare the power each panel is producing for the space it acquires.For instance, if you have a small roof you can install higher efficiency panels as they will produce more power in less space.
They are also backed by reliable companies, sometimes with a warranty of 25 years

How much are you going to save your bills?

There is no specific amount of money that you will be saving on your bills. This varies between different households. Ways that you can save energy:
If you have a more kWh of energy your solar system you are likely to save more. Also, it completely doesn’t depend on the size of the system but also depends on the location of installation, site conditions and the quality of solar system installed.

What you need to ensure you can install solar later on if you are constructing your house?

We can install an effective and efficient system with the space available. We recommend to have space for minimumof 12 panels. Doing so you will save lot more energy. Other things that you can do to have a more efficient solar system are:

• Leaving wall space in the garage or south-facing wall for the inverter.
• If you are installing smart wire, install data point near your inverter for it to function without any breakouts.
• Another way of saving energy is by building your house insulated and as energy efficient.

What is STC?

STCs are issued with qualifying solar systems and solar panel and can be redeemed for a dollar value that is deducted from the cost of the solar system. The value of an STC depends on market conditions at any given time. When you purchase your solar system from capital solar energy, we will provide you with the discounted value on your solar quote. Our main goal is to provide our customers with a hassle-free purchase.

The discounted amount you get from STC is based on three factors:

  •  Zoning – where you live/reside
  • STC value – this amount fluctuates on the basis of market conditions
  • Deeming period – this differs every year and has a tendency to reduction every year.


Zoning In Australia there is sum of 4 zones. These zones are distributed on the basis of how much renewable energy can be generated by a solar panel in a given area. Once you are aware about the zone you are residing. Following is the rating number of each zone:

Zone 1 – 1.622 rating
Zone 2 – 1.536 rating
Zone 3 – 1.382 rating
Zone 4 – 1.185 rating

Solar system size (kW) x Postcode Zone Rating x Deeming Period (years) = Number of STCs (rounded down).

Deeming period
The deeming period is set by the scheme and it will decrease yearly until 2030. The shorter is the deeming period, the fewer STCs you get and the less discount you get.

STC value
The value of STC can be calculated by feeding the installation date, size of the system and your post code and the STC calculator it will provide you the number of STC s you are eligible for.

Are you eligible for a loan or grant?

Yes. All solar installation that are under 100kW are eligible for STC (Small-scale Technology Certificates. You are going to be eligible even if you have used the rebate before or not. The condition of receiving the rebate is that your solar PV system you are getting install must comply with CEC (Clean Energy Council) design and installation guidelines. The panels and inverters you use must be in the CEC approved list and must be installed by CEC accredited installer. Here at Capital Solar Energy, we comply with all the standards designed by CEC.