Why to choose CEC approved solar retailer?

There are so many different solar dealers out there, but picking who to go with might be difficult.

The Clean Energy Council is the main body for the clean energy industry in Australia. They’re a non-profit to hasten Australia’s transition to a clean energy future.

When you choose a CEC-Approved Solar Retailer, they follow an ethical Code of Conduct in all parts of their operation, and their standards are much higher than other solar enterprises.

When you purchase a solar power system from a CEC-Approved Solar retailer can trust that you’re dealing with a company that works with integrity and dedication to providing an end-to-end client service experience.

CEC-approved solar retailers can sell local jobs, and clients will receive local installers and electricians.

Customers are keen to find certified Solar Retailers from whom they may acquire their solar and storage systems. Also, to take advantage of the local benefits.

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